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Angelo Cavallin *
Tullia Bonomi
Letizia Fumagalli
Marco Rotiroti
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Angelo Cavallin |


A proper understanding of the water cycle, and in particular of the distribution and availability of groundwater will enable to evaluate their sustainability and manage them especially in critical situations which in the future will be related to climatic change with high temperature conditions, in which more consumable water is needed. Water use in Lombardy region is an economic opportunity and related consumption are described. To satisfy water uses it is necessary to develop an integrated system for a rational management in which groundwater have an important role. In DISAT researches to evaluate groundwater resources are developed by long time. Mathematical models applied to hydrogeology are used to verify and simulate real systems and to predict future scenarios. The methodology use an integrate system from a database of wells to software which permit to reconstruct the 3D geometry of subsoil and parameterize it according to the texture distribution of the subsoil to evaluate the water storage and its availability. According to these application and coupling models it will be possible, in the future, simulate the effects of critical situations related to groundwater and to identify the best solutions.

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