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Vittorino Andreoli *
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Vittorino Andreoli | andreoli.vittorino@gmail.com


1968 can be considered as an episode concluded within a short period of time or as the beginning of a historical path characterised by many events that lead to the “years of terrorism” (“anni di piombo”). After analysing the difference between transgressive, oppositional and rebellious behaviours that fall within the modes of being “against”, which represents the key to characterising the episodes of ‘68, the author comes to the conclusion that it was a period of mass transgression which tended to be attractive because it was prohibited. A theatre scenario, from a representation around the desire for a misinterpreted freedom, since freedom is never absolute, but it is always freedom from something and within rules that transgression instead aims to violate. The dimension of the theatre thus expresses an action that does not change history but simply seems to do so, without therefore producing any positive and lasting results and indeed being able to take monstrous forms, as has happened.

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