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Political parties inspired by the values of liberalism, democracy and socialism no longer appear to be capable of conceiving long-term projects for their fellow citizens and humanity. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, large and small powers entered into a sordid struggle for world supremacy, sparking both local and global conflicts, and heralding the return of nationalism as a dominant ideology. This essay sets out to demonstrate that the posited “end of ideology” is groundless: traditional ideologies are unable to envisage a future of progress because they passively submit to the ideology of the absolute sovereignty of states and the just war to defend national interests. The future of humanity is threatened by a new arms race – regarding both nuclear and conventional weapons - to which governments are dedicating vast amounts of money; money which should actually be invested in saving the planet from global warming and the sixth extinction of animal species now under way. The path taken by the people of Europe, with the construction of the first supranational Union in history, should be a source of inspiration for formulating the policies necessary to construct a world order based on peaceful cooperation between states and to ensure that all citizens of the world enjoy the same rights of freedom and solidarity that, albeit imperfectly, have been achieved in Europe. Human progress is a utopia that can become a reality.

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