La dedica degli Ateniesi per la vittoria su Beoti e Calcidesi del 506 a.C. (IG I3 501) e la sua collocazione topografica

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Stefano Berti *
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Stefano Berti |


The monument - a quadriga - the Athenians dedicated on the Acropolis for their victory over the Boeotians and the Chalcidians in 506 B.C. has always aroused great interest, both in antiquity and down to the present day: not only is the monument well attested by ancient sources, but it was also restored around the middle of the 5th century, as witnessed by inscriptions; consequently, the 6th century original and the 5th century restoration have been the subject of a long scholarly debate. This paper focuses on the topographical context of the victory monument and that of its restoration, trying to ascertain where they were dedicated. Accordingly, modern theories are critically reviewed and ancient sources thoroughly examined. The latter, together with epigraphical, religious and political reasons, suggest that the original quadriga and its restoration were erected on the same site inside the Acropolis.

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